History of WinterStone

13WinterStone Golf Course opened in 2003 and is the second phase in a development project that began with a limestone mine. Harlan Limpus, owner of the mining firm Rocca Processing, bought 150 acres of land in Independence, MO and opened a mine there in 2000. Miners began excavating limestone from the property and will continue to do so for the next few years. Then the limestone caves will be converted into business warehouse space. Limpus decided to build a golf course on the property to enhance the value to the community. “The topography said golf course,” he says. But not just golf course, a great golf course, because the wooded setting is truly spectacular, the dramatic elevation changes, huge trees, lakes and creeks combining to create an Ozarks like feel that makes every shot memorable. Limpus hired Craig Schreiner Golf Course Architects, a local firm with a national reputation, to design the course. Best known for Prairie Highlands, Beaver Creek and many other great courses, Schreiner says there is no course like WinterStone, because of its proximity to the mine and its Ozarks like layout. His design takes advantage of the layout: a balanced course, with some holes offering wide open shots to unprotected greens while others demand strategic shots into narrow fairways, up and down the challenging hills.